Daniel Göttin

ARTZUID Exhibition 2019

Artists: David Altmejd, Karel Appel, Arman, Armando, Roberto Barni, Morgan Betz, Hans van de Bovenkamp, César, Sandro Chia , Tom Claassen, Ivan Cremer, Wim Delvoye, Jean Dubuffet, Nick Ervinck, Jan Fabre, Barry Flanagan, Irene Fortuyn, Gloria Friedmann, Daniel Göttin, Dan Graham, Klaas Gubbels, Theo Jansen, Nic Jonk, Jerzy Jotka Kędziora, Yubi Kirindongo, Jems Robert Koko Bi, Oliver Laric, Gabriel Lester, Atelier Van Lieshout, Aristide Maillol, Gerda Maise, Tony Matelli, Sachi Miyachi, Matthew Monahan, Aime Mpane Enkobo, Yoshitomo Nara, Charlotte van Pallandt, Lon Pennock, Jaume Plensa, Antoine Poncet, Marc Quinn, Auguste Rodin, PJ Roggeband, Nancy Rubins, Joel Shapiro, Eja Siepman van den Berg, Jésus Rafael Soto, George Struikelblo, Johan Tahon, Dini Thomsen, Elsa Tomkowiak, Henk Visch, Judith Wiersema, Erwin Wurm 

The sixth edition of ARTZUID will take place from 17 May to 15 September 2019. The Amsterdam Sculpture Biennial will present an experience exhibition featuring more than 60 figurative sculptures and spatial installation art. The heart of the exhibition lies in Berlage’s monumental Plan Zuid area with its leafy avenues Apollolaan and Minervalaan. This green space will serve as a backdrop for the theatrical grouping of modern and contemporary figurative sculptures which will be interspersed with interactive spatial installations. . ARTZUID will include an extensive peripheral programme of activities including artist talks, debates, an educational programme, art walks and art happenings. The free exhibition is open 24/7. Information about the route and catalogues will be available from the information pavilion on Minervalaan or our webshop.

ARTZUID will feature new work by internationally renowned artists, as well as young artists. Aime Mpane Enkobo, Antoine Poncet, Aristide Maillol, Arman, Armando, Atelier Van Lieshout, Auguste Rodin, Barry Flanagan, César, Charlotte van Pallandt, Dan Graham, Daniel Göttin, David Altmejd, Dini Thomsen, Eja Siepman van den Berg, Elsa Tomkowiak, Erwin Wurm, Gabriel Lester, George Struikelblok, Gerda Maise, Gloria Friedmann, Hans van de Bovenkamp, Henk Visch, Irene Fortuyn, Ivan Cremer, Jan Fabre, Jaume Plensa, Jean Dubuffet, Jems Koko Bi, Jerzy Kedziora, Jésus Rafael Soto, Joel Shapiro, Johan Tahon, Judith Wiersema, Karel Appel, Klaas Gubbels, Lon Pennock, Marc Quinn, Matthew Monahan, Morgan Betz, Nancy Rubins, Nick Ervinck, Nic Jonk, Oliver Laric, PJ Roggeband, Roberto Barni, Sachi Miyachi, Sandro Chia, Theo Jansen, Tom Claassen, Tony Matelli, Wim Delvoye, Yoshitomo Nara, Yubi Kirindongo.

Thanks to the sculpture route, the avenues and squares are revived this summer as places of connection. The layout of the group exhibition is inspired by 17th century Italian gardens. The figurative images with which people can identify make the exhibition accessible to everyone. The spatial installations add an exciting interactive experience full of entertainment. This 6th edition of ARTZUID seduces to cheerful art watching and enjoyment for everyone.